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Undergraduate Students

So, you've made it to college---congratulations! Now the real work begins.


This is the time to start researching veterinary schools and begin to understand how crucial these next 4 years are. While in undergrad, it is essential to figure out what study methods work best for you as well as shaking off the pride you may feel when you need to ask for help. We all need help, no matter how smart we are there is always someone or something who can advance our learning experience. That's where TwoPointOne hopes to be an asset. Below you will find educational, financial, and veterinary school application resources to assist you in this chapter of your journey to DVM.


Soup Kitchen

Study tools, discounted books, tutors, & more!


Digital flashcards that can be viewed on desktop as well as mobile via the app.

Digital flashcards that students can create or utilized pre-made decks.


Soup Kitchen

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) form is used to apply for financial aid for college or graduate school. 

The Charles Shelton Foundation provides two non-renewable $2,000 award offered annually.

BeeOne has an annual scholarship as well as spontaneous giveaways through their social media account (IG: to support young women of color who are seeking higher education.

Veterinary School Preparation

It is highly recommended that students begin to do research on veterinary schools to understand the prerequisites, GRE scores, cost of tuition, etc. early in their undergraduate career. This allows students to be in control of their collegiate journey instead of fully relying on academic advisors. 

(Please be advised that all veterinary schools do not require a bachelors degree to apply.)

Main application portal for veterinary school applicants.

Descriptor pages provides a general overview and essential application information on each institution.

Extensive chart that includes general information such as location, contact states, estimated tuition, available seats, required tests, website, and application deadline.

Comprehensive chart of all AVMA member institutions for 2021 matriculation.

Compare costs between institutions to allow for further budget planning

Example of what to anticipate while preparing to apply for veterinary school.

Example of the portal in which your evaluators will be inputting all referral information.

This third year Mizzou veterinary student has created a collection of amazing VMCAS Application Tips on her instagram page. Click the link to be lead to her account where you will find a saved highlight reel featuring all of her tips.

TwoPointOne Tips

What I Wish I Knew As An Undergraduate Student


  • ​Go to university provided supplementary instruction. These sessions usually come with worksheets and study tools to help students prepare for examinations.

  • Utilize office hours. Professors have time set aside to assist students, do not be afraid to use that time to ask any questions you may have. 

  • Find study partners, no more than 2-3 are necessary. If you can handle larger groups, feel free to have larger groups but it can tend to be come overwhelming if there are a lot of big personalities involved. 


  • It is important to gain as much experience​ as you can while in undergrad. This allows you to have exposure to the clinical aspect of veterinary medicine. Experience can either completely solidify or totally destroy the aspiration of becoming a veterinarian. It is better to know ahead of time if this is the career choice for you, rather than later. Students can obtain experience by working, shadowing, or volunteering at local animal hospitals. I recommend gaining both small and large animal experience. 


  • Building a network that includes like-minded peers & professional mentors is essential to your growth and development while in undergrad. It's very important to have professional mentors who know your character and your work ethic well. This comes in handy when it's time to get recommendation letters for your veterinary school application. 

Good luck!

-Antonia M. Nickleberry, DVM, MBA, Founder

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